Flight schedule


Airlines Flight No Route On time Real time Status
313ASTANA2024-06-20 12:052024-06-20 17:00Delay
7175ALMATY2024-06-20 16:002024-06-20 16:00Closed
7375ASTANA2024-06-20 18:252024-06-20 18:25On Time
731ALMATY2024-06-20 19:002024-06-20 19:00On Time
7275ATYRAU2024-06-20 22:102024-06-20 22:10On Time
741ASTANA2024-06-20 22:402024-06-20 22:40On Time
859ALMATY2024-06-20 23:502024-06-20 23:50On Time
7626ISTANBUL2024-06-21 00:352024-06-21 00:35On Time
780KOKSHETAU2024-06-21 00:502024-06-21 00:50On Time
8215BAKU2024-06-21 01:552024-06-21 01:55On Time
9714TEHRAN2024-06-21 02:152024-06-21 02:15On Time
842TBILISI2024-06-21 03:102024-06-21 03:10On Time
7706ALMATY2024-06-21 03:302024-06-21 03:30On Time
730ALMATY2024-06-21 03:302024-06-21 03:30On Time
664LONDON2024-06-21 03:402024-06-21 03:40On Time
7266URALSK2024-06-21 08:102024-06-21 08:10On Time
836ASTRAKHAN2024-06-21 09:202024-06-21 09:20On Time
313ASTANA2024-06-21 12:052024-06-21 12:05On Time
709SHYMKENT2024-06-21 13:002024-06-21 13:00On Time
848GROZNYI2024-06-21 13:402024-06-21 13:40On Time
7712ALMATY2024-06-21 15:002024-06-21 15:00On Time
7606KUTAISI2024-06-21 16:152024-06-21 16:15On Time
Airlines Flight No Route On time Real time Status
314ASTANA2024-06-20 13:052024-06-20 18:00Check-In
710SHYMKENT2024-06-20 14:102024-06-20 14:40Closed
7625ISTANBUL2024-06-20 17:302024-06-20 17:30Check-In Closed
7276ATYRAU2024-06-20 19:452024-06-20 19:45On Time
729ALMATY2024-06-20 20:202024-06-20 20:20On Time
841TBILISI2024-06-21 00:152024-06-21 00:15On Time
860ALMATY2024-06-21 01:002024-06-21 01:00On Time
8216BAKU2024-06-21 02:552024-06-21 02:55On Time
9715TEHRAN2024-06-21 03:152024-06-21 03:15Closed
7265URALSK2024-06-21 04:202024-06-21 04:20On Time
664ALMATY2024-06-21 04:402024-06-21 04:40Closed
732ALMATY2024-06-21 05:302024-06-21 05:30On Time
742ASTANA2024-06-21 06:002024-06-21 06:00On Time
835ASTRAKHAN2024-06-21 06:402024-06-21 06:40On Time
7711ALMATY2024-06-21 08:552024-06-21 08:55On Time
7176ALMATY2024-06-21 10:102024-06-21 10:10On Time
847GROZNYI2024-06-21 11:002024-06-21 11:00On Time
7605KUTAISI2024-06-21 12:202024-06-21 12:20On Time
314ASTANA2024-06-21 13:052024-06-21 13:05On Time
710SHYMKENT2024-06-21 14:102024-06-21 14:10On Time

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