Flight schedule


Airlines Flight No Route On time Real time Status
859ALMATY2023-03-27 23:502023-03-27 23:35On Time
7375ASTANA2023-03-28 01:202023-03-28 01:00On Time
278ISTANBUL2023-03-28 06:152023-03-28 06:15On Time
7275ATYRAU2023-03-28 07:002023-03-28 07:00On Time
313ASTANA2023-03-28 11:502023-03-28 11:50On Time
709SHYMKENT2023-03-28 12:202023-03-28 18:15Delay
901ALMATY2023-03-28 12:502023-03-28 12:50On Time
7575SHYMKENT2023-03-28 18:002023-03-28 18:00On Time
7175ALMATY2023-03-28 18:202023-03-28 18:20On Time
731ALMATY2023-03-28 19:002023-03-28 19:00On Time
741ASTANA2023-03-28 19:302023-03-28 19:30On Time
7277ATYRAU2023-03-28 21:202023-03-28 21:20On Time
761TURKISTAN2023-03-28 22:102023-03-28 22:10On Time
Airlines Flight No Route On time Real time Status
860ALMATY2023-03-28 01:002023-03-28 01:00Check-In
7376ASTANA2023-03-28 02:052023-03-28 02:05On Time
7276ATYRAU2023-03-28 04:402023-03-28 04:40On Time
742ASTANA2023-03-28 05:502023-03-28 05:50On Time
732ALMATY2023-03-28 06:152023-03-28 06:15On Time
279ISTANBUL2023-03-28 07:152023-03-28 07:15On Time
710SHYMKENT2023-03-28 07:352023-03-28 19:30Delay
762TURKISTAN2023-03-28 10:402023-03-28 10:40On Time
7576SHYMKENT2023-03-28 12:202023-03-28 12:20On Time
314ASTANA2023-03-28 13:052023-03-28 13:05On Time
901LONDON2023-03-28 14:102023-03-28 14:10On Time
7176ALMATY2023-03-28 19:052023-03-28 19:05On Time
841TBILISI2023-03-28 20:452023-03-28 20:45On Time
811ISTANBUL2023-03-28 21:502023-03-28 21:50On Time
7278ATYRAU2023-03-28 22:052023-03-28 22:05On Time

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Image Information on advertising at Aktau International Airport


Image Azimuth Airlines starts flights to Aktau from Sochi and Mineralnye Vody!