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    Aktau International Airport Joint Stock Company was established in November 1996. The airport has been operating since 1983 and is equipped to receive and release aircraft of almost all types used in civil aviation.

    The rapid development of the oil industry in the Caspian region required an increase in cargo transportation, the rapid delivery of the necessary equipment for oil workers, which in turn necessitated the reconstruction of the airfield and the construction of a new passenger terminal.

    A new stage in the life of Aktau International Airport JSC began in December 2007. According to the tender, 100% of the shares of Aktau International Airport JSC were transferred to the Trust Management of the Turkish company ATM Grup Uluslararası Havalimanı Yapım Yatırım ve Işletme limited for a period of 28 years. In the same year, a Concession Agreement was concluded between ATM Grup and the Akimat of the Mangystau region for the construction and operation of a new international passenger terminal for a period of 30 years. According to the Trust Management Agreement, the airport carried out the reconstruction and lengthening of the runway, the reconstruction of the apron and taxiways, the replacement of the OMI lighting system without a category with the first category CAT I in accordance with ICAO. After the completion of the reconstruction, the length of the runway was 3048 m, the width was 45 m, the pavement density was not less than 50 PCN. That allows you to accept all heavy-duty ships without restrictions on the maximum take-off weight.

    The construction of the new passenger terminal was completed in 2009. The terminal’s capacity is 500 passengers per hour, the total area is 12,482 m2, including the area occupied by VIP and CIP halls. The terminal is equipped with all modern facilities, including security and safety, and the latest electronic and electromechanical systems.

    In 2009, the Airport became the winner in the competition “Best Airport of the Year in the CIS countries” in the nomination “Intensively developing airport in the CIS countries” for 2008, and in May 2010 Aktau Airport was recognized as the most “Promisingly developing airport in the CIS countries” for 2009.

    Currently, Aktau Airport rightfully ranks third in the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of traffic, after the airports of Almaty and Astana. The airport serves Kazakh and foreign airlines that operate flights to 8 domestic and 16 international destinations. From Aktau through Moscow, Istanbul, Baku, you can get to anywhere in the world.

    The transit of passengers from all over Kazakhstan is possible thanks to regional airlines that collect passengers from cities with smaller passenger potential (Atyrau, Shymkent, Aktobe, Uralsk) at Aktau airport, from where they follow through these 3 major airports further around the world. Currently, the airport is conducting marketing work to open new directions to connecting airports in the world in order to realize the transit potential of the region.

    Aktau Airport, due to its geographical location and a number of projects implemented in the region, has not only a physical opportunity, but also the potential for development and becoming a transit cargo hub on the Europe-Asia route. Mangistau region, the only region with access to the sea, has the opportunity to develop multimodal transportation, which will involve all modes of transport.

    Thus, it will not only be possible to develop infrastructure, increase the number of logistics chain entities in the region, but also allow Aktau Airport to compete with regional (Caspian region) transit cargo hubs, and allow cargo airlines to provide more suitable, cheaper and procedural conditions for cargo transportation.

    The capacity of the cargo terminal of Aktau airport is 2500 square meters. The capacity of cargo terminal can be increased of three times, taking into account the parking area.

    The presence of 24/7 border control posts and a customs post, the location of the customs building on the territory of the airport, makes it convenient to process cargo and allows you to carry out the main customs declaration procedures at the customs post immediately upon arrival aircraft.

    An investment program is implemented annually to improve the material and technical equipment of the aviation security service, thereby reducing the risk of acts of unlawful interference and ensuring aviation security in accordance with the requirements of international standards, as well as a modern civil aviation system.

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