Cargo shipment regulations

Cargo services at the airport

Domestic Warehouse receives and delivery of baggage, cargo, mail, and notifies consignees regarding cargo arrival.
Contact phone number: +7 (7292) 609670

International Warehouse produces International Cargo in accordance with the Customs Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as notifies consignees regarding cargo arrival

Contact phone number: +7 (7292) 609665

Contact phone of Head of Cargo Terminal: +7 (7292) 609640


In the case of a contention, please contact the following numbers:
+7 (7292) 609610 The security chief;
+7 (7292) 609777, mob.: +7 701 8012836 Airport Duty Manager;
+7 (7292) 609775 Production Manager service.
Complaints and suggestions book in Help Desk.

Rules for admission to the territory of the airport Ratified. Government Resolution

Passage (passage) of persons at the airport

1. Compulsory admission and performance in the object-mode all employees the airport, customs offices, airlines, public prosecutors, the National Security Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan and those of other organizations coming to the territory on official business.

2. Passage (passage) of persons at the airport and its facilities, office space, as well as take-out (export), bring in (import) of goods and assets of the enterprise and cargoes of other agencies and organizations that are only available from checkpoints (hereinafter - CAT), a pass, a standard pattern.

3. Identity document, are:
- Passport RK;
- Identity card of the RK;
- Certificate of residence in the country;
- The business card prosecutor RK;
- Certificate of employment of the employee Customs RK;
- Certificate of employment of the employee KNB;
- Certificate of employment of the employee MIA of RK;
- Certificate of employment of the employee MOTC RK;
- Certificate of employment employees of the President of the RK;
- Certificate of employment of the employee of the Senate of the RK;
- Certificate of employment of the employee Maslikhat RK;
- Certificate of employment of the employee of the Government of the RK;
- Certificate of Defense personnel RK.

Admission of vehicles

1. Admission to the airport for cargo or import / export of other material values (WTS, commercial warehouse, etc.), vehicle third-party Security badges on vehicles standard form issued by a reasoned letter of application, where indicated:
- The purpose of being in regime of the airport;
- The period of stay in the regime of the airport,
- Data driver identification document;
- Mark and the registration number of vehicles;
- Data identification document, the person accompanying the vehicle.

2. A letter of request is made to the leadership of the Aviation Safety -
Chairman of the Board
JSC "Aktau International Airport"
Kileci S
Security aviation chief
JSC "Aktau International Airport"
Alferov KV

3. To obtain the permit for the vehicle transportation provided proof of identity and order of payment of the vehicle according to a letter of application.

Types of passes and their purpose

- Constant,
- A temporary,
- A one-time,
- Transport,
- Material.

All absences are official documents which give the right to:
1) to pass and stay in the border, customs and airport controlled areas during their shifts;
2) removal (removal) of material values;
3) the entry (exit) and stay transportation and mechanization in the border, customs controlled areas and the airport.

In deciding whether to grant permits, appropriate staff person checked the validity of the request for the extradition of such a permit. At the same time as the criterion for the decision can not be a position or pursue a position. The main criterion is how often the person you want to run in protected areas with limited access, or performed by that person special features.

One-time passes

One-time permits are issued to individuals for temporary visits to controlled areas and facilities for up to one day.
One-time permits are issued by the permission of the SAB, the person or his deputy, with the need to visit areas of Customs and Border Protection in consultation with the relevant authorities and provide rights of way only when accompanied by a person with a tolerance in the controlled area, the inspector SAB, representatives of the customs and border control authorities with an indication in the application for issuance of permits objective validity and the objects;
People who have received a pass, provide safety and timely delivery at his dismissal, transfer and termination of the airport passes.

Receipt of goods from commercial warehouse

1) For goods with a commercial warehouse, you must submit a power of attorney to receive the cargo, which acts upon presentation of identification document;

2) The inspector must check point to get through to commercial warehouse manager, ensure the availability of the goods. Only after that it gives a one-time pass;

3) According to the order № 264 / A on 9/26/2011, the delivery of goods from commercial warehouse is made after 3 (three) hours from the time of arrival of the aircraft at the airport in Aktau;

4) Removal (removal) of the cargo carried under bill of lading and letters of application, which specifies the name of the exported goods, the number of seats, number and series cars, which transported the cargo;

5) Check the car - registration office permits, registration, payment of record to enter the car, giving a single pass at the checkpoint;

6) The fee for entry to the car to a commercial warehouse and bonded warehouse in accordance with the tariff approved by the Order № 49 / D on 12.03.2010 year.